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The Most Dreadful Gift.

Lost Cause
fig·ment n.
Something invented, made up, or fabricated: just a figment of the imagination.

I'm a stranger here
No one sees me
Except you.

16 horsepower, a fire inside, afi, alton brown, angela carter, animal bones, apple cider, apples, atlases, baking, blitzkid, blood, blue christmas lights, bluegrass, books, boots, calvin and hobbes, catherine irwin, chai, charles vess, chris cunningham, chris van allsburg, cindy sherman, clarence john laughlin, cleanliness, cobalt glass, coffee, cooking shows, cormac mccarthy, dada, danny elfman, danzig, dave mckean, david lynch, death, diane arbus, douglas adams, down, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, elmore leonard, espresso, eudora welty, faith no more, fantomas, flannery o'connor, floria sigismondi, folklore, freakwater, fruit, gahan wilson, granite countertops, gregory crewdson, h.l. mencken, hate, heavy metal, hieronymus bosch, himsa, history, honor, jack o'lanterns, jean-pierre jeunet, joel-peter witkin, john hodgman, johnny cash, jonathan carroll, kate breakey, kate winslet, kevin smith, kids in the hall, lemon cleaner, libraries, lynyrd skynyrd, macs, man ray, manly wade wellman, maps, mark helprin, mark leyner, mark strand, mark twain, metal, mike patton, mountains, mr bungle, mr. monster, mst3k, my dying bride, mystery science theater 3000, mythbusters, mythology, neil gaiman, neurosis, nigella lawson, nocturnal perambulations, obsessiveness, oingo boingo, pantera, pearls before swine, penn and teller, peter straub, photography, pornography, portishead, rachel, rain, ray bradbury, reading, real country music, robert bloch, rockabilly, sally mann, salvador dali, sam raimi, samhain, scars, shirley jackson, shred of hope, sixteen horsepower, sleeping, snow, solitude, southern gothic, surrealism, swans, tea, terry gilliam, the chicago bears, the coen brothers, the legendary shack shakers, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, tiger army, tim burton, used bookstores, walking in the woods, weegee, wes anderson, william faulkner, william joyce, wolves, wood smoke, woven hand